About Owls

Learn about our work with owls at the Peak of Vancouver

Remarkable Raptors

At Grouse Mountain we appreciate and respect wild places and wildlife. In Summer 2012 we’ve launched our Remarkable Raptors program to help bring presence and reverence for birds of prey. Learn more about our resident owls this summer at our Owl Interpretive Sessions running everyday at 10:45am.

Experience Owls

At Grouse Mountain, there are several ways to experience birds of prey. Our Birds in Motion Demonstration lets you get up-close and personal with hawks, a vulture, an eagle and owls. Our expert Falconers share information and insights about these amazing beings. Shows run daily through the summer at 12:45 pm, 3:15pm and 5:30pm.
Our Guided Eco-walks take you into the natural environment at Grouse Mountain and showcase points of interest related to birds of prey that live on Grouse Mountain – such as Great Horned owls. Finally, in Summer 2012 Grouse Mountain’s Refuge for Endangered Wildlife launched a new short documentary titled Tyto’s Triumph. This film speaks to both the story of our mascot, Tyto, and the plight of the Northern Spotted Owl here in British Columbia. 

The Northern Spotted Owl

The Northern Spotted Owl is critically endangered in British Columbia with fewer than 20 Spotted Owls reported in the wild in British Columbia. The Northern Spotted Owl is non-migratory bird that lives primarily in old-growth forests. Grouse Mountain’s Refuge for Endangered Wildlife works closely with the Mountain View Conservation and Breeding Centre on a Spotted Owl program. It is hoped that captive born owls can be released into protected areas so that natural populations can rebuild. If you would like to contribute to the program, please visit facebook.com/nsobreedingprogram

Living harmoniously with wildlife is possible. Understanding the implications of our human actions is a key step in ensuring that we maintain a diverse ecosystem. The natural world is a shared one – one that we hope includes Spotted Owls.


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